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I’ve always said food is prettier than flowers.  I really mean it – skip the dozen roses – bring me a perfect basil plant, or better yet a dozen perfect basil plants.  Someone did just that recently and last night I trimmed a few of them up and turned them into deliciousness!

No recipe just yet because I the research is ongoing.  My goal – create pesto that tastes like pesto (no make that the best pesto ever) without the use of any cheese or oil AND with only a minimal amount of whole foods that contain fat (nuts, olives, avocado).

What I have tried so far.  The above pictured version includes 2 T nutritional yeast and 1/4 c pine nuts but it also contained 3 T olive oil (1/2 the amount the original recipe called for but still TOO much – see the shine?).

Taste test?  – I’d give it 4 stars but certainly not a everyday food.  And since I have lots of basil plants, I’m still looking for a way to make everyday pesto – that I could serve to anyone while still maintaining a clean conscience.

I tried substituting 1/2 avocado for the olive oil – saved calories, saved fat, saved saturated fat and got a fiber bonus.

1/2 Avocado 3 T Olive Oil
Calories 161 378
Fat 15 g 41 g
Sat Fat 2 2 6 g
Fiber 5 g 0 g

I was afraid it would taste like pesto flavored quacamole but it didn’t.  Next up, can I reduce the pine nuts?  How much?  Would olives be better than avocado?  How much can I increase the plant content?  Double the basil and garlic maybe?  And then toss with some whole grain pasta and lots of roasted vegetables.  Oh yeah!  To the kitchen!  Stay tuned!

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