Think inside the box

Shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store – that is where everything you need is found,” she said.  I was at a one day seminar on Nutritional and Integrative Interventions for Mental Health Disorders – rightly titled since that piece of advice makes me CRAZY!

 I find lots of good things in the outer perimeter.  I start there.  I fill most of my cart there.  

 But…may I please defend the inner aisles?  There are treasures to be found there!  Spices and salsa, mustards and marinades, grains and garnishes, beans and brown rice, need I go on?  So I stopped at the store, started in the safety of the outer perimeter, as usual, but with wide open eyes.  “Any of these foods are welcome to jump into my cart and follow me home,” I’m thinking.  But then…. I also spotted these “foods” in the outer perimeter.  


 So I wandered into the “inner aisles,” that place known for highly processed, nutrient stripped JUNK food.  The Dr. teaching the seminar would have me believe that I would gain weight and a couple of chronic diseases just pushing my cart into that forbidden zone.  And yes, there is a lot of packaging and processing going on in there, but look what else I found!


 My best advice – EXPLORE the STORE!  Take the good wherever you find it!  Eating well, shopping smart, and enjoying health is never as simple as some advice makes it seem, it is much more interesting than that!

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1 Response to Think inside the box

  1. mccrackle58 says:

    Well put. The grocery where I shop has frozen dinners, deli meats, doughnuts, cheese, and frozen pastry on the perimeter. Never have understood the ban on the center aisles where I get my oatmeal, beans, rice, and other staples. Funny generalization that has turned into a healthy shopping guide.

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