Strawberry Fluff

1960’s Strawberry Fluff – In the early days of summer vacation, sleep in while your mother picks fresh strawberries from the garden.  Get up just in time to see her clean some and whip them up into a tall glass of “Strawberry Fluff.”  The recipe as I remember it was 2 c strawberries, 2 c whole milk, and 1/3 c sugar.  Sweet times!

Today’s Strawberry Fluff – I picked the strawberries myself from the community garden we have been working in each Saturday.  In my morning rush I threw a handful into the blender (green tops included – not entirely because of the rush, also the years have brought greater respect for green things.). Then I added 1/2 c unsweetened almond milk, 2 Medjool dates, and about 3/4 c crushed ice.  Blended till sounded and looked smooth.  Served 2.  Slurped down on the drive to work.   Prefer the 1960’s schedule but the Strawberry  Fluff is better than ever!   SWEET TIMES!

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